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Buying diamonds – This is how you can invest in gemstones.

Diamonds have existed for two billion years and have always fascinated people. The gemstones offer investors some advantages. Physical diamonds, for example, offer the highest concentration of value and are the most mobile tangible asset. In addition, the raw material is limited when demand increases. We will show you what to look for when buying diamonds and what is important when choosing stones. Right at the beginning we will give you the best tips and answer the most important questions for you!


The selection of the dealer is crucial to the return that a diamond will bring in the future. It is advisable to buy the stone as close as possible to the “source”, for example from specialized dealers.

Our recommendation: Diamonds are not suitable for short-term speculation, but rather serve to secure long-term wealth. Investors shouldn’t bet on speculative gains from short-term purchases.

Tip: The four Cs are the decisive criteria for the diamond pricing. In addition, every gemstone must have an independent, reputable and internationally recognized certificate.


Diamond is a modification of carbon and is considered to be the hardest natural substance. It was created over two billion years ago. The diamond is rare and is therefore one of the most valuable and sought-after gemstones in the world. When completely pure, it is colorless, but in many cases it is colored by impurities.

The diamond fascinates mankind. In India, for example, it was believed that it conferred magical powers, while the Greeks thought the gemstones were tears of the gods. In ancient Rome, it was believed that diamonds were slivers of fallen stars. Nowadays it is used in most cases in the jewelry industry. Due to its high thermal conductivity and hardness, it is also used in industry as a cutting material, among other things.

Investors invest in diamonds in a purely physical manner. That is, when you buy a diamond, you are also getting it physically. The raw material offers you some advantages. Diamonds, for example, are the most mobile tangible asset and form the greatest value in the smallest space. A comparison shows: A diamond of four carats and a weight of 0.8 grams is worth around 400,000 euros. A gold bar weighing 12.5 kilograms has the same value. Diamonds also offer investors stable value. In the past 25 years, diamonds have never lost their value.


The four Cs are the decisive criteria for determining the price of diamonds. They stand for the following terms: “Carat” (weight), “Color” (color), “Clarity” (purity) and “Cut”. In some cases the fifth C, “Certificate”, is also added. Diamonds from half a carat upwards are suitable for safeguarding assets. When it comes to the color of the gemstone, the following applies: the whiter and more colorless, the more expensive it is. The highest quality feature is “flawless” and means that no external defects or inclusions can be seen even at ten times the magnification. Nowadays the cut quality plays an equally important role. All grinding criteria (“Cut Grade”, “Polish”, “Symmetry”) must be rated “excellent”. Anything below that is not suitable for protecting assets in the case of diamonds.

Every diamond must have an independent, reputable and internationally recognized certificate, from which its price-determining characteristics and its identity emerge. Ideally, this comes from the “Gemological Institute of America (GIA)”, as this is the most widely accepted worldwide. The Institutes International Gemological Institute (IGI) and Institute of Gemmology (HRD) are also recognized. If a diamond does not have a certificate, it is not suitable for protecting assets. Jewelers also issue certificates, but these are worthless as they are not recognized internationally. The aforementioned institutes even engrave the certificate number on the diamond edge for larger stones. This means that a clear assignment is always possible.

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