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Clarification of terms brilliant

The term brilliant stands for a special cut.

Brilliant, is a term for a specially cut diamond but also for other stones,

Brilliance and the adjective brilliant (French brilliant “shiny”; from Latin beryllus, Greek βήρυλλος beryllos “beryl”) stand for:

Brilliance (gemstone), the reflectivity of gemstones and pearls
the purity of color, see color saturation.

This article explains the cut and gemstone.

A diamond (from French brilliant, ‘shiny’, ‘radiant’) is a diamond with a special cut. However, the terms “diamond” and “brilliant” are often used incorrectly synonymously.

The cut is called brilliant cut and was developed around 1910. It is characterized by high brilliance. Additional information on diamonds such as “real” etc. is not permitted as it is misleading. It is possible – and not uncommon – to process other gemstones or imitations in brilliant cut, but these must then be clearly labeled (e.g. “brilliant cut zirconia”).

Therefore the correct description of gemstones with brilliant cut is, for example: diamond with brilliant cut, or zirconia with brilliant cut, and not just brilliant, this is misleading and unlikely for the customer.

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