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Congratulations, your certificate is authentic:

  • Certificate Code:GEM000100138
  • Date of Certificate: 19/04/2024
  • Clatiry: Moderate      
  • Weight: 4,39ct.  
  • Shape: Oval
  • Measurement: 10,90×8,90×5,10mm 
  • Species: Natural Corundum 
  • Color:  Dark red         
  • Origin: Madagaskare
  • Vatiety: Ruby
  • Other/Result:Natural Corundum, traces of treatment                                                          
  • Replacement value € +-10% € The replacement value on a retail basis is estimated including VAT at the time of writing this report The annual increase is estimated at 2% to 5% CIBJO and international gemologists classify heating as a natural process       
  • For questions contact us: